When I’m Gone

One of my biggest fears, 

Is when I die 

Will people shred tears?

Will people mourn over me and cry?

Have I done something good?

Have I earned some respect?

At least in my neighbourhood? 

Will their memories have a place for me? 

When I leave 

Will there be any feelings of grief? 

These are the questions I think of before I go to sleep… 

But every morning is a new start to a new learning 

Let some good thoughts be my earning. 

Get along as the time flies, 

And start dreaming with open eyes! 

Grind to not be a regular guy

To mark my existence 

When I’m gone, make people celebrate my life

Rather than being held in grievance. 

I hope someday I’ll be someone who 

People will look up to.


18 thoughts on “When I’m Gone

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  1. oops I’m sorry! Lol! OH my god! I’m very sorry…I just posted something on my blog about movie dialogues and I was so into it that I didn’t see, it was your post…. uff… I feel so embarrassed!!! Really sorry…

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