The Journey – Part 1

The Beginning

11:30 am

“I’ll still be watching you, son. I’ll always be with you. Remember, you’ve a dream to accomplish.”

Fifteen days after his Father’s death, Ashish still recites the final words his father said to him. He thinks about the memories he had spent with him everyday. The valuable lessons he learned from him. The way he supported him, motivated him everytime. His thoughts were broken by his mother’s voice,
“Son, I still want you to rethink your decision. You are a mere graduate in Arts. Mumbai isn’t a city for 22-year olds who have no idea what to do with their lives!”
“Actually, Ma, it is. And how many times do I tell you that I haven’t lost my way? I’ve some plans. I’ll figure out soon. There must be a reason why everyone calls Mumbai as the City Of Dreams. Also, how much can I know about bruises if I never fell? How much can I know about my future if I never worked for one?” Ashish said, looking pretty confident about his decision.
Still a little worried, his mother gave a weak smile and nodded. “Okay, son. If you’ve made your decision, I won’t force mine upon you. You’re matured enough and my blessings are with you.”
Ashish smiled back. With moist eyes, he told his mother, “Thank you. Don’t worry, mom. I won’t let you down!”
His mother nodded, “I’m pretty sure about that.”

2:00 pm

Now, in the train headed towards Mumbai, Ashish was a little worried about what he will do when he reaches there. He told his mother that he’ll figure something out, but at the back of his mind, he was worried. He always wished to be a writer or an editor in a major magazine or a newspaper. And that was the reason he had taken up English Literature as the major in his study of Bachelor Of Arts. Over the phone, he had a talk with Omkar, his school friend who had moved to Mumbai a couple of years ago. He was going to meet him at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus(LTT) in 2 hours.

4:15 pm

The train stopped, Ashish got down with his bags and looked around. The fast moving city sent a chilling vibe down his spine already. A sweat broke from his forehead, but he smiled. Walking on the platform, he looked at the people around him. Happiness, dedication, sadness. A familiar face appeared in front of him and hugged him, “Ashish! How are you, brother?”
Ashish’s face glimmered as he met his old friend, “Oh! Omkar! I’m good. It’s good to see you.”
“Let’s go, we’ve a lot to discuss.” Omkar guided him out of the railway station.

to be continued…

Hello, everyone. Since today, I start this new short story series of Ashish’s Journey. Let’s see how he manages to get through the difficulties that he’ll face.

© An Unknown Wanderer


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