The Journey – Part 3

The Internship

Part 1

Part 2

The receptionist told Ashish, “Well, there’s this internship program starting next week. At the end of it, one of the interns will be selected for a job. Mr Singh will tell you about the details later.”
“Alright, great!” Ashish left the room in excitement.

“That’s amazing!” Omkar exclaimed over the phone as Ashish told him about this opportunity, “Good luck with the meeting, though.”
“Yeah, thanks. I’ll talk to you later.” They hung up.

“Hello, Ashish! Have a seat.”
Mr Singh pointed to a chair across his table. “As you must’ve been informed, I’m Yash Singh and I’m in charge of recruitment.”
Ashish shook hands with him, “Hello, sir, I hope you’re having a good day.”
“Yes, pretty good. Let’s talk business now. I see you’re looking for a job?”
“Yes, sir. That’s right.”
“Well, an internship program is starting next week where you will have to write on various topics we’ll give. No pay, it’s a free internship. Also, you’ll be taught some insights of writing in the editorial pages. As a major newspaper, we are pretty selective about the writing style, the content of the article because a little misinterpretation by the people and we’re caught in a controversy. It may sound easy but I assure you it won’t be. Because, there will be more than a hundred people who’ll take this lightly. So, do you wish to compete?”
Ashish nodded. “I do, sir.”
Singh smiled and extended his arm for a shake hand, “Give your name to Ms Priyanka at the reception outside. Your working hours will be 9-5. See you on the coming Monday, then.”
“Okay, sir.”

“Mr Ashish Verma, you’re the 147th candidate,” Ms Priyanka said as she typed his name into the computer.

“Okay hold on, what do you mean you’re not gonna do it?” Omkar asked with a confused face.
Ashish shook his head, “There’s no way I can beat a hundred and fifty other writers. I mean, I won’t be getting paid so I can’t leave my current job at Redlen. And I talked to the manager of the Cafe and he wouldn’t compromise with my working hours. So, I’ll have to leave from The Candor at 3 and take a train from Dadar to Kurla and reach the Cafe at 4. And this will be a month long schedule. Back in the small town, we lived a slower life. This is all happening too fast.”
Omkar sighed. With a stern look, he said, “Okay, I understand. But, listen to me. Look, you came here for a purpose. You came here to be successful. You came here with a dream. Don’t let the dream die! Right now, the flames of your dreams are flickering. Fan them. If you’re not chasing your dreams, you’re just a dreamer. And there’s no reason you can’t achieve your goals. If you truly love what you want to do, then the only thing standing between you and that dream is the stupid excuse you give to yourself as to why you can’t achieve it! Back in your village, you lived in the comfort zone. Now, you’re a little out of it and it troubles you. Life gets worse before it gets better, man!”
Ashish stayed silent for a moment. He gave an understanding nod. “Yeah, I think you’re right. I’ve got to protect my dream and work for it. Thanks a lot, brother!”

to be continued…

© An Unknown Wanderer


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