The Journey – Final Part


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The Journey – Part 1

The Journey – Part 2

The Journey – Part 3

For the next coming month, Ashish had a tiresome, rather exhausting schedule. He left home at 8 am and came back after 11:30 pm. While all the candidates at The Candor gave 8 hours to their work, Ashish could manage only 6. Many-a-times, he would feel like giving up but Omkar didn’t let him. He got Sundays off from his internship and Mondays off from the Cafe. Basically, he worked everyday.

On the last day of his internship program, Mr Yash Singh called him in his office.
“Ashish, you do know you’ve been giving less time here, right?”
A little scared, Ashish fumbled, “Yes sir, but I’m helpless. I ca-”
“I didn’t ask for an explanation!” Mr Singh cut him off.
“I’m sorry.”
“Over the month, you gave almost fifty hours less than every other person out there. That considerably reduced your chances.” Mr Singh said firmly. Ashish stayed silent.
“How did you manage? Tell me.” Mr Singh demanded.
“Well, sir, I work at a Cafe from 4 to 11. The manager won’t let me come late and I don’t have any savings as I’ve never worked before. So I had no other option but to give my best shot in 6 hours daily. Also, ”
Mr Singh chuckled, “No, not about that. I mean, how did you manage to give 50 hours less and still be the best out of everyone of them?”
Ashish repeated that statement a couple of times in his head. He saw Mr Singh’s smiling face and asked, “Sir? Er, I don’t think I-, um, do you, uh..”
“Hahaha, yes, Mr Ashish Verma, you’ve been chosen as the best intern and are selected for the job as The Editor of The Candor!”
This statement hung in Ashish’s head for a few seconds which seemed like a lifetime. He smiled with teary eyes. All these hard working days and now they finally pay off. He thought of his father and thanked him. Wouldn’t have been possible without you, dad. He couldn’t stop smiling. He knew his life just changed forever.
“Mr Ashish? Lost in thoughts?” Mr Singh asked him smiling.
“Oh! Hehe, yes, I’m so, so grateful, sir. Thank you so much. I’m flattered. I don’t know what to say!” Ashish said as a few drops of tears rolled down his cheek.
“Well, you better do! That’s your job!” They both shared a laughter.


“…If your heart truly craves for something, your mind will never know limitations and your soul will break free from all the bounds. Bliss. Follow your bliss. Do what you love. And more importantly, stop judging others on what they do. Remember, no matter what they do, they won’t be you. You’re unique. You’re beautiful. Have ambition. Chase your dreams for they’ll come true. An incomplete dream is enough motivation to work hard. You’ll come across some bad phases where you’ll want to quit. Lesane Crooks said once, ‘If you could make it through the night, there’s a brighter day. Everything will be all right if you hold on. It’s a struggle everyday gotta roll on!’ Believe in yourself…”

Somewhere in the crowd, Omkar smiled watching his best friend on the stage being applauded by everyone.

©An Unknown Wanderer


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