1st July, 2017.

I went to my 7-year old son’s school to pick him up. He was with his group of friends. His group included 2 very short boys, 1 fat guy and 3 tall ones. He came running to me when he saw me. With teary eyes, he told me, “Dad, that guy makes fun of me everyday!” and pointed to a boy in the group. I couldn’t figure out which kid he was pointing. So I asked him. He said, “That boy with the red bag!” and pointed again. There were about two or three boys with a red bag. I asked him again. He told me, “The one who isn’t wearing a tie.” And then I saw him. His skin tone was darker than others and he was pretty fat. I almost said, “You mean that black fat guy?” but didn’t. Then it hit me. Wasn’t it amazing that my son didn’t describe him as a big black fat guy? What does that 7-year old innocent child know about racism, fat-shaming? We call ourselves adults, educated, talk about discrimination and share anti-discrimination posts on all the social networks. But have you ever thought about those “black”, “fat” or extremely “skinny” kids and what they go through? You’ll make fun of them, your friends will laugh. Maybe they’ll laugh, too. But, deep down, they feel humiliated. Over the years, they’ve grown strong enough to pretend that they don’t get offended. But, they do. They’re humans. Learn to look beyond a person’s outer appearance. Learn to appreciate a soul. Learn to admire the person’s nature. ‘Global Village’ is something we all talk about. But long as you’re body-shaming, color-shaming your friends, you’re not growing past the boundaries of your own cage. You’re the one who should feel the shame. Learn to respect. Learn to appreciate. Learn to love yourself. You’re beautiful. 


© An Unknown Wanderer


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