Dejected, I look at the past.

Wishing a little more, the moment should last.

I reminisce the times.

I regret my crimes.

I realize I could have helped.

Helped myself.

But I didn’t and the day left.

Yesterday went by too quick.

Or maybe, I couldn’t keep up with the fast lane, I think.

Why did I stay down? 

Why didn’t I try to get off the ground?

There’s nothing I could do now.

Nothing, but regret.

Nothing, but reminisce.

Nothing, but learn.

Learn about today,

The yesterday to the tomorrow!

I’ve got to get up,

Keep my head up!

I’ve got to live up,

Not to repent, never to give up!

I’ve got to take the jump towards the sky,

Have faith in myself and hope to fly!

© An Unknown Wanderer


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