The Exordium – 2

Part 1 - Click Here "I see you here everyday. Same bench. Same drink. What is it that you mourn?" he asks. His face gleamed with confidence. I assume his life is perfect. I sigh. I take a sip from my bottle and tell him, "My mother passed away. A week ago. In her dying... Continue Reading →


The Journey – Part 3

The Internship Part 1 Part 2 The receptionist told Ashish, "Well, there's this internship program starting next week. At the end of it, one of the interns will be selected for a job. Mr Singh will tell you about the details later." "Alright, great!" Ashish left the room in excitement. "That's amazing!" Omkar exclaimed over... Continue Reading →

Kill The Boy

Little kids seem to face their failures confidently. After we grow up, shame takes over. We look for people to blame.

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