Yes, I’m thankful. 

Sometimes I wonder a lot Am I grateful for what I got? In a train, I met a little boy His Dad bought him a toy He exclaimed, "Thank you so much, I love you, dad!"  I started to recall the last time I had. On the inside, I am gratified, satisfied.  But maybe I... Continue Reading →


Good Old Days

I wish I could go back in time Way back in my childhood Where I was unaware of the world full of crimes Where everything seemed good. Those were the good old days,  Before people were addicted to the money craze Money was never a problem back then As every need of ours was fulfilled... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning 

Hello everyone, here we are post-Christmas at the end of this year. This year must have been good to some people, bad to some. Some might have completed their resolutions, some failed.  The thing about incomplete resolutions, in my opinion is, you never actually wanted to achieve it. You took some stupid resolution because you... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, there are times in life when we are tired. Rather, exhausted. Not just physically, but mentally. Drained and exhausted. You know you have reached your maximum level of stress handling capacity.  At such times, all you're looking for is an escape from reality. Leave your daily life and routine and live somewhere peacefully. With... Continue Reading →

Your Moment. 

We have one life, we're living it. Why aren't we running towards our goals like its our last chance? What are we lacking? Dedication? Motivation?  You have a yet-to-be-fulfilled dream. That has to be enough motivation. And when you truly crave for that dream, then dedication should not be a problem. Opportunity knocks once. It... Continue Reading →

The Journey 

​"His unaccomplished goals made him scream,  But he was still determined to his dream.  He fell down but didn't repent, got up without hesitation. He was not where he wanted to be was enough motivation. Everyday he woke up with a new urge to grind  Failed many times,  But didn't mind.  Inspiration being something he... Continue Reading →

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